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Twilight Zone - TZ


Playfield includes more original toys on than any other pin.  Lost in the Zone mode is very exciting.  Working gumball machine and battling the power on the upper play field sans flippers are the most unique features I've seen.


Added 3-D piano, red clock housing, gumballs, gumball machine LEDís, robot LEDís, blue neon ramp lights, slot machine, shooting rocket, color changing led at ?, backboard decal, gumball sign extension, blinking 555ís in backbox, chrome flippers, balancing quarter, faceless mannequin, camera LED, spiral light sign, 2nd powerball, 1 black swirl ball and removed upper pf lamp.  


Topper - Lighted pyramid.



     Mid Playfield    Slot Machine     Red Clock &     Robby Robot    Gumballs &

                                                               3D Piano                                         Lighted