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The Simpsons Pinball Party - TSPP


A true cult-classic.  Taunting speech, a very DEEP rule set and lots of multi-ball modes mean this is game that won't get old soon.  Mystery Springfield is the best mode ever designed and this is the only Stern machine to date to make my cut.  Is it any wonder that a game with five flippers is such a great one?  That alone is a major reason I like it more than MM, which only has two (and needs one more).  Have only lit three faces in multi-ball and never won Alien Invasion. 


Added red cooling towers (original mod) and multiple Simpson figures [glow-in-dark nuclear Homer (original mod), super-hero Comic Book Guy with ray gun, Moe with phone, Krusty with microphone, Otto Man (original mod), Apu with squishy (original mod) & Maggie].


Topper (unrelated) - animated Twilight Zone sign.