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Love the macho artwork - black with a touch of red against a plain white background.  Reverb speech and whole machine was ahead of its time.  No thrill matches playing fifteen minutes of multi-ball.  Outlane save feature encourages a little nudging.


Added Black balls.


Topper - horned Centaur skull. 



This was my most difficult pin to find one in good shape, since it was made in 1980 and few were home use only.  Reproduction playfields were not available at the time.  I contacted people from the Centaur owners list, only to learn that most would rather fight than give theirs up. One guy claimed he was going to be buried in his and another said I'd have to fend off his relatives first.  This kind of loyalty reinforced my desire to buy one. Plus I really liked the art work.


I located a nice one in the Netherlands and began corresponding with its Owner through IE Messenger, in spite of the six hours time difference.  He crated his pin and had a shipper pick it up in Holland and deliver to Rotterdam. There it shipped via ocean transporter to Charleston, SC, where it was couriered by train to Atlanta. Finally it was trucked to my garage where I hired four laborers to help me carry it into the basement.  This pin is better traveled than I am.